Details / Cotton 100% canvas tote bag / Large 2way / $45 / Free shipping from Japan

Large 2way is my favorite!

It is durable with polite sewing.
Gussets on the left and right.

Cotton 100% canvas tote bag / Large 2way

A large-sized canvas tote bag that has a large capacity and can be held in two ways.

The handle of the bag is firmly attached.
It can also be used as a shoulder bag, and it doesn't hurt even if you hold it in your hand.

Large capacity that can hold 18L by Useful left and right gussets.

Even if you put in a lot, the left and right gussets become three-dimensional, making them easy to carry and convenient.

Convenient inner pocket

You can put small items such as smartphones, notebooks, and sunglasses or keys, etc that you want to take out immediately in an inner pocket in the large bag.  Despite its large capacity, small items can be easily taken out by putting them in the inner pocket.

The durable and nice canvas tote bag looks vintage design. Perfect for weekend marché, farmers' markets, and gardening.

This design can be used for various items such as T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and canvas bags of different sizes. Feel free to ask.

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