Details / Cotton 100% canvas tote bag Regular / ¥3500

Thanks to the gusset on the bottom, A4 size can be put in with plenty of room, and the canvas is not too thick, so it is easy to fold and carry.

Details / Cotton 100% canvas tote bag Regular / ¥3500-

Regular-size canvas tote bag that has

The length of the sturdy handle is 56 cm.
If you don't put it in too much, it's long enough to hold comfortably on your shoulder.

Gusset on the bottom of 11 cm, so the A4 size can be put in easily.

The gusset on the bottom is 11 cm wide, which gives it plenty of space.

Not too thin and not too thick. 

It is more convenient than a plastic shopping bag if you fold it compactly and carry it with you. It is a convenient size that comes in handy with just the right 100% cotton canvas that is neither too thin nor too thick.
Details for durable canvas  tote bag that can be used as a "my bag" for gardening, harvesting, farmers markets, library life, etc.


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