Carrot / Farmer's canvas tote bag / Regular $35 / Free shopping from Japan

A carrot-like canvas tote bag harvested from Peter Rabbit's vegetable garden is perfect for gardening.

The first carrot I cultivated from seeds in my life. I designed the carrots that I harvested and ate as a model.
With this design, you can also choose other items such as mugs, towels and T-shirts etc.

The durable canvas tote bag is made of 100% cotton and has a valuable design over time even when washed with soil.
A canvas tote bag like the one used when Anne went to Peter Rabbit's vegetable garden to harvest carrots.
The durable 100% cotton canvas bag is useful as " my bag " as an eco bag in supermarkets, vegetable gardens, and libraries.
A canvas tote bag of carrots that seems to be placed in Peter Rabbit's vegetable garden.

Organic carrots are grown and harvested from seeds. From the time of germination, 
I was impressed by the taste of carrots in the leaves.
Not religion, but wind, rain, sun, seasons, soil... 
I was grateful for everything and ate while crying. 
From such a small seed, I grew up with a carrot that tasted delicious, 
and I was moved by the fact that eating it would lead to tomorrow, and I couldn't stop crying.

This design can be used for various items such as T-shirts,
long-sleeved shirts, and canvas bags of different sizes. Feel free to ask.