Carrot / Farmer's canvas tote bag / Large 2way $45 / Free shopping from Japan

I love the world view of Peter Rabbit.

At this age, I grew up with these carrots in the chilly, still frosty spring and loved the taste and their looks like a monster. I didn't need to eat carrots for the rest of my life. I wasn't like carrots. When I grew it from seeds, harvested it, and ate it, I burst into tears. I just wanted carrot leaves as a garden landscape.

With Blue jeans or Bottoms made of earth-colored linen.

Coordinate your shirt with natural materials such as white and ivory with suspenders, and go out with the image of the boyish Anne of Green Gables. This canvas tote bag looks great with lace-up boots.
Personally, I think the orange and blue compatibility of this carrot is the best.

This design can be used for various items such as T-shirts,
long-sleeved shirts, and canvas tote bags of different sizes. Feel free to ask.