Dancing Hyacinth / Florist canvas tote bag / Regular $35 / Free shopping from Japan

The hyacinth canvas tote bag is looking better even gets dirt by soil and mud.
If you want a nice vintage, it's best to use it in gardening.

Thanks to the gusset on the bottom, flower seedlings can also be placed in 3-5 pots, so you can start gardening as is when you return from the gardening shop.
Not only is it nice, but it also has a gusset on the bottom and is practical.

Hyacinths were blooming like dancing.

I lived with Hyacinth in 2012. The first bulb I cultivated hydroponically is this Hyacinth of the model. Our room couldn't get enough of sunny. Nevertheless, the sprouted hyacinth buds grew towards the brightest veranda possible. So I turned the bottle every day and tried to grow as straight as possible. The hyacinths were like ballerinas in a music box jewelry box. Or Dancers in the movie " West side story "It bloomed in full bloom, the flowering season was over, and I planted the bulbs in the soil. At that time, I left a picture of them. The one at that time became the model of this design. This design, like any other, can accommodate a variety of items, but I suspect a canvas tote bag or tee shirt of this size is the best match.

Laptop, A4 files, Lunch box etc... Bottom gusset for your things. 

The gusset on the bottom allows you to put in more than you think. so a regular-sized canvas tote bag is perfect for reading books borrowed from the library at a cafe you stop by. Especially 'cause this historical Hyacinth design looks like a botanical dictionary.

Blue jeans & White shirts.

The same type of blue and purple gingham check shirt and white jeans as hyacinth and blue sneakers etc. Or blue jeans, a white shirt, a blue scarf, and white sneakers. Be a Hyacinth under the bluesky.
Details for durable canvas bag that can be used as a "my bag" for gardening, harvesting, farmers markets, library life, etc.
more detail "Regular"

There are also other items with this design, such as mugs, towels and tee etc.

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