Red radish / Farmer's mug $25

mug designed with radishes that were designed grown and harvested from seeds.
Red radishes grown from seeds for the first time in my life.

Radish mug perfect for the sowing
After watering the plants and vegetables, let's drink something too with Red radish mug.

Designed like a radish vintage seed package mug.
There are also other items with this design, such as mugs, towels and T-shirts etc.

Raised vegetable bed and sowing seed.

It's still chilly during the vegetable sowing season, so we would like to have a hot drink, don't we?
After we worked for the vegetable garden, you will get sweaty,
but if you take a short break, you will want to warm up with herbal tea or coffee.
In such a case, a mug that can drink both warm and cold drinks is convenient.
Enjoy a gardener's tea time with a radish mug that goes well with
the blue sky and your vegetable garden.

Water the plants and hydrate yourself, tea time with plants and vegetables.
A mug that makes you feel alive by drinking the same water.

The first time to grow radish from seed. No way the radishes of that time I never dreamed of
making it a model.

The red radish and the blue watering can are beautiful on the white of a clean mug.

See Radish mug on We / youtube.

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 11oz Mug  3.2” 3.8”  Ceramic 100% $25 PayPal