Hyacinth / Florist mug $25

Let's have a teatime in your garden after planted Hyacinth bulbs.
After planting the bulbs, after planting the seedlings, after gardening...tea time with a hyacinth mug.

Teatime in your garden with the Hyacinth mug 325ml.

Tea time in Parisienne working at a flower shop. On weekend mornings, if you're not out of bed, your loved one may bring you herbal tea. Let's plan gardening while relaxing slowly on the bed.

White & Blue

It is also nice to use this "Florist Hyacinth Mug" for the interior.
If you like blue colors, you can get a refreshing interior style by coordinating white and blue with the same ratio based on white.

We lived together.

I lived with these Hyacinthus in the past.
Masterpiece "West Side Story" I have grown up by spreading the leaves like a dancer.
Hyacinthus blooming as if they were dancing after the sun in a room not blessed with sunlight. 
They are still blooming in my heart like dancing.

After winter gardening, get some warm drink by this Hyacinthus mug until Hyacinthus sprouts. 

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 11oz Mug  3.2” 3.8”  Ceramic 100% $25 PayPal